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7 Powerful Practices To Overcome Your Fears, Anxieties And Negative Energy In Under 30 Days by admin

7 Powerful Practices To Overcome Your Fears, Anxieties And Negative Energy In Under 30 Days by admin

What to pack for a yoga retreat

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THE MOST IMPORTANT practice you could do right now is to ensure your hydrated with clean spring water! One practise we all need to improve is our daily WATER INTAKE. Lack of energy, confusion or irritability are top symptoms of dehydration! In order to wipe those negative side effects out of our day INCREASE HYDRATION to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. That means Less caffeine, juices, hidden sugars and stimulants that leave you feeling “wired and anxious”- And MORE of what our body needs to THRIVE not “just survive!”.

TIP- Google search natural spring water delivery near me and get local NATURAL SPRING WATER full of Minerals delivered to your house to avoid drinking fluoridated (neurotoxin) and chemical rich tap water! Which harmful effects we discuss in depth in my popular Toxicity seminar during GVG Wellness retreats!

You will thank me later! Water is EVERYTHING. Dehydration really puts us off our game!

2. Mediation/ Breathwork. Aka Self Reflection

Did you know that after 30 seconds in a meditative state, your body releases ALL feel good hormones from the brain. Now thats worth sitting down and taking deep breaths during the day! No wonder they say “Meditation over Medication!) Find a time that suits you, like sunrise or sunset. Be still and without your phone or any music and noise. Preferably outside. Just Be with yourself. Breathe as deeply as you can into your lungs through only your nose. Try just 10 deep breaths a day and increase as feels natural. Eventually, As you gain perspective sitting in this clear space, ask yourself some self reflective questions as you tune into your higher self.
How am I feeling today?
What am i deeply grateful for in my life?
What do i need to release that holds me back?
… Are some examples of self reflective questions to journal from my Self Awareness Seminar in our Yoga Retreats

TIP- if your mind is wandering FAST in meditation, a less strict way to approach is MANTRA. Singing mantra (particularly OM) really helps you to do breathwork without particularly “Trying” and puts you in a meditative state! I drive and sing mantra ALL the time and play a compilation of mantra when im practising/teaching yoga, in the kitchen cooking or cleaning. It helps me feel grounded, calm and at peace & I find myself breathing deeper and more consciously as i hum along to the words.

My very first favorite mantra was deva premal gayatri mantra

And I LOVE the very soothing sounds of a band of Angels called “Sacred Earth”.


We’ve all heard it before… YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! To reap the ABUNDANT rewards of A clear, pure, precise, positive thoughts – you must FIRST fuel yourself this way. You can’t expect to eat off the $1 dollar menu and feel 1 Million Dollars! Fuel your body with wholesome, organic, nutrient dense, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY foods. Check out this modern anti inflam food pyramid and compare the bottom row to your life. Do you eat majority Fruits & Vegetables in your day?

Try this and no doubt you will feel INCREASED ENERGY, less lethargic, less acidic (more alykine!), sleep better, feel better, DO BETTER! If your not sure where to start, start at a local markets! Buy FRESH unprocessed food and go back to basics! I love finding new vegetarian recipes and Get creative in the kitchen!

TIP – One of my favorite go to’s for delicious, easy vegetarian recipes! The banana bread is to die for!


The yogis say- “Your only as old as your spine is flexible”.

If this is true, MOBILITY should be our top priority! This vessel is to get us through life’s long journey. To be fit, flexible, healthy is the best way to truly value yourself and give yourself the greatest opportunity of health, confidence, strength, balance, willpower and dedication.

With high levels of stress in today’s society, it’s important to “Bend, so you do not break” as the guru’s say. Once you commit to your regular practise you will instantly feel the benefits mind, body soul as you learn to switch off, unwind and dance to the beat of the heart, body and breath.

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life. Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

B.K.S. Iyengar

TIP – Write down a list of movement you love to do – eg. Gym, Walking outdoors, Yoga at sunset and aim to do one per day! Just remember BALANCE – Yin/Yang. Give and take. Push and pull. Sweat and stretch!


Did you know that experts say we have 95% recurring thoughts a day. 80% of those are reported negative.

This statistic highlights how important it is to INCREASE THE POWER OF POSITIVITY so you can be your own motivator rather then worse critic!

Try this, it worked for me. For every negative thought i want you to STOP it in its tracks, set it aside and replace it with THREE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS immediately! Retrain your relationship with yourself to be LOVING, PATIENT, UNDERSTAND AND KIND and see how much life improves when your giving loving support over harsh judgement.

Try this, it worked for me. For every negative thought i want you to STOP it in its tracks, set it aside and replace it with THREE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS immediately! Retrain your relationship with yourself to be LOVING, PATIENT, UNDERSTAND AND KIND and see how much life improves when your giving loving support over harsh judgement.

  • Eg – Negative thought “I dislike my body”
  • “I Honor and respect the body I reside in, I am perfect as i am”
  • “I am learning to love who i am and what my amazing body can do “
  • “Everyday i move closer towards my most radiant self!”
  • Eg Negative thought – “Ill never get my dream job”
  • “I am proud of my unique abilities and do not compare my journey”
  • “I am Learning everyday and developing my talents, i move closer to my dream life daily”
  • I live INSPIRED (in spirit) and am OPEN and READY for the winds of change”
  • TIP- “The power of intention” By Dr Wayne dyer is a recommended book/audio about our Intention and Manifesting our reality – one of my all time favorites to listen to at night as I fall asleep.
  • Dr Wayne quotes – “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”
6. Nature Nurtures – Get outdoors – Smell the roses!!!

lectromagnetic currencies re-energize our systems and we come back to our natural state of FLOW when we are immersed in Mother nature.

Put aside a day once a month were you can spend time in nature, unplugged from technology. Hiking, swimming, walking the beach or simply lying on the grass under a full moon.
Connect your hands and toes with the earth and feel the regulating of your touch, this is called “Grounding”. Smell the flowers, touch the textures, be in awe at the colours. Be aware of how the subtle energies of our environment affect us, for example how you feel in a busy city as opposed to hiking in the alps. From polluted air to the fresh ocean breeze.

Pay attention to when your body is out of tune and needs to re-calibrate with mother earth, respect the Laws of Nature and allow “Rest & Digest.” to balance out our busy daily “Fight or Flight” lifestyles. (aka high stress!)
This is precisely why our Yoga and Wellness retreats are Located on Islands and Oasis’s of Natures Pristine conditions. To Simplify, to Slow Down and to Re-Harmonize your Connection.

TIP – Book this in your calendar right now! Pick a day and location and make it a date with #1! Sit at a beach or forest, bushland wherever your safe place is, and use your senses to absorb nature’s beauty around you.


To Affirm something is to state and believe in it. Positive Affirmations are powerful tools to move closer to Peace & contentment.


  • I am not my unsettled thoughts…
  • I am a divine being of light and love.
  • I know that If I focus on the highest in me, the highest will flourish…
  • I let go of the idea that I need to be fixed or that I am broken or unworthy because I am not.
  • I know that once I change my perception I automatically shift with that perception.
  • I choose thoughts that create acceptance,
  • thoughts that are free of judgment towards myself and others.
  • I choose to see with understanding eyes that Instil forgiveness towards myself and others and enable me to feel peaceful and happy with myself as I am.
  • I embrace my own beauty and magnificence in this moment, The past is gone and right now I am born anew.
  • I am not the person that I was yesterday, nor am I yesterday’s outlook.
  • All is in perfection
  • I claim my life as it is
  • Today I am grateful for what I have
  • I am taking each step as it arrives with clear allowing feet.~

TIP – Print this and place it where you can read it daily. Affirm on full moons. Use white sage to cleanse the energy around you beforehand to support the Release.

Do these 7 Powerful Practices for 30 Days and let me know how your life evolves, if you need any help or would like to deepen your understanding of the above and much more please get in-touch with me and come along to one of our Full-Immersion Retreats!