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Hello To Our Good Vibe Gals!

I have a question to ask you: When did you last feel truly alive?

Your soul boundless and radiant, your health pure and thriving, your mind & body DIS- EASE free, you heart light and full…

For most women, the answer is, I can’t remember… maybe never?… you are not alone. Many women who have reached out to us felt this deep sense of unknowing. This realisation can be startling, that we’ve lost touch with our own essence, disconnected not only from ourselves but from each other and our roots, our earth.

Through showing up and opening up, our retreats offer a full immersion of self healing rituals, yoga & releasing practices which peel away the layers, reconnecting you to your light and path. Enabling you to tap into your feminine wisdom, unlock dormant energies and shine from within. To feel truly ALIVE.

We teach The ability to self heal, to heal the mind and body through Yoga and nutrition, to detoxify the organs through ancient practices of pranayam (breath work) and meditation. And most importantly we teach you how to thrive by opening your heart up to love and joy.

When we gather the women we heal the earth. It’s time to adventure and allow ourselves to crack open, to be seen and to embody our true, feminine and whole selves. To move out of our comfort zones, hiking, moving, swimming, exploring! To laugh and cry and dance and sing. To sit in complete silence, star gaze, and find the beat of our own heart.

We offer Retreats in EGYPT, THAILAND AND GREECE. Join us, on one of our week long or weekend getaways and discover nature, friendship, wellness and yourself.

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