Fury Fitness Retreats

Duration: 4 Weeks

Price: From $2,950

Date: 1st May 2020

Welcome to Fury Fitness Retreats. In this one month with Coach Peter we will be building muscle, melting fat and strengthening your mental resolve. You will learn to train with fury and design your own workouts. You will lose a lot of weight and build hard lean muscle. You will have the option to learn to fight in several different styles. You will be briefed on nutrition and certain concepts such as intermittent fasting and strength and conditioning training and in the end you will be presented with your Certificate in Kettle-bell and Sling Training. During this month you will also have a great time as we take you around Phuket showing you the most beautiful sites, dancing late into the nights and exploring the stunning islands like Koh Phi Phi that surround this magical part of Thailand. Expect massages, great nutritional food, sore muscles a huge change in the weight scales and a sharp mind with qualifications to take home by the end of it. Prepare yourself for a life changing month of whole body and mind transformation.

Discount Upfront Payment €4,545.004 Weeks Plan €765.00
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