Greek Island Adventure Retreat

Duration: 7 Days

Investment: €2,295.00

Date: 25th April

Come friends, come along to a journey that will excite you like no holiday you have ever known. A handcrafted adventure including sailing the old pirate waterways of the Aegean Islands, climbing the number 1 rock climbing runs in the world and hiking breath taking ridge walks and valleys. This unique retreat is one of Good Vibes favorites, featuring fun for the whole family, couples or singles. A well thought out itinerary that allows guests to choose the level of intensity they wish to enjoy. From vertical hiking the “Iron Road” to diving with dolphins. From traditional cooking classes to ancient site visits. We take you gathering medicinal herbs and making tinctures for specific ailments. Truly we have never created such a versatile and wonderful experience and we are so very proud to introduce The Kalymnos Experience an adventure like none other! So join us on a 7 day treat and customize your stay to your liking. The island of Apollo awaits you.

Discount Upfront Payment €2,175.003 Month Plan €765.00
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