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Anxiety, depression, and chronic stress disorders are very common mental illness in the world. Moreover, research shows that almost 1 in 5 adults experience anxiety. So in this article, we will discuss the benefits and monumental shifts people experience at a health retreat.

People who experience anxiety or depression can be easily treated by reducing environmental toxic load, increasing brain derived nootropic. The main problem is that only half of them receive medical treatment. Despite drug after drug being release and approved medical & prescription drug efforts, the number of people affected by anxiety and depression is on an alarming upward trend.

Moreover, the medicines used to cure anxiety and depression are known to have nasty side effects like weight loss or gain, headache, sleep problems, reduced ability to produce dopamine, sleeplessness, inability to reach REM Sleep, compromised bone and muscle structure, shut down of melatonin production, damage to gut lining and gut microbiome and much more. Suffice it to say, pharmaceuticals have not seen much success given the rising tide of patients.

It is such a challenging task to cure anxiety and depression. So to do this we need a totally new approach. The approach is Vitalism. Instead of subduing the bodily functions we look at the growing trend of health retreats and the benefits many people have experienced with this new therapeutic concept.

In this article, we will discuss what a health retreat is, why you should go on one and some how to tell if it’s the right choice for you.

What is Health Retreat?

A Health retreat is a withdrawal from the pressures and environmental stress factors and the focus on daily health care practices such as the practice of yoga, the education in the importance of eating nutritionally dense foods and how to keep your body in a state of health.

We can also say that it is a well-designed program of therapies and activities. These activities include silent walks through forests and mountain trails. Swimming in mineral rich springs and generally detaching from the constant buzz of emails and phone beeps that tend to rule our typical daily lives. Guided by health and fitness experts’ groups of vitality seeking tourists gather in pristine environments to discuss health hacks, debilitating foods & damaging habits. Together these longevity chasing tourists leave with a new lease on life & new daily routines that empower them.

The western world has long been the self-proclaimed frontier of health and wellness. Yet today we see illness & disease growing at alarming rates. According to the world health organization Heart disease, attacks and failure as well as Strokes account more than 80% of annual world deaths. It is a well-known fact that stress is the real killer and cause of these acute health episodes that often lead to death.

The purpose of a health retreat is to allow people the space and time to deepen their understanding of their own health needs. As well as to expand their ability to facilitate self-care such as yoga practice without the distractions of life. These retreats are the temporary break from the daily routine of life typically lasting 1 week.

By combining a vacation with health practices including yoga classes, meditation, massage, hiking, horseback riding and sightseeing retreaters return to their lives feeling revitalized and refreshed. Gone are the days of smoking and drinking our way through holidays only to return home feeling like we need another holiday!

Retreats of all types are held in the most weird and wonderful places around the world: typically facilitators like to host in beautiful and supportive environments free of noise and air pollutants.

During your time at a retreat, you can expect the relevant guidance to overcome distractions and break bad habits by practicing group meditation and pranayama practices. These are highly beneficial for calming the nervous system & brining the body back into an Alkaline environment and away from the typical acidic inflammatory one that our western lifestyles promote. Most retreats also focus on eating habits to improve overall physical and spiritual health and in some cases take the entire responsibility off your hands by providing all inclusive packages.

What You Will Experience in Health Retreat

During a health retreat, you can expect to find your piers practicing discipline and restraint that they struggle to emulate in their typical daily routines. A health retreat will typically request that you:

  • Partake in an Alcohol and Smoking Free Environment.
  • Eat mostly Vegetarian Food.
  • Engage in health practices such as hiking and yoga with the group
  • Restrain yourself from typical bad mental habits such as complaining or gossiping
  • Feast on the group’s energy of positivity and growth

Why Should You Go on a Health Retreat?

If you lead a hectic lifestyle that leaves you burnt out, tired and you find you don’t have a practical self-care plan then you need a health retreat. If you not sure of what a truly beneficial diet is, and you suspect you might be nutrient deficient then you need a health retreat. At Good Vibe Getaways Health & Yoga Retreats attendees are known to break old habits, conquer stress with newly learnt coping mechanism and find freedom of depression with daily health care rituals.

A health retreat is a gateway by which you begin the path toward a healthy more empowered version of you. It the beginning of a journey wherein you make a conscious choice to value your life and health. It is a place to be unashamed of what you have done. A place where judgement is left at the door and your sisters and brothers welcome you into a new way of life.

At a Good Vibe Getaway, You Can expect:

1. Personalized Yoga Classes & how to Combat Anxiety

You will find yourself in personalized yoga classes to meet your specific needs. From the first yoga classes your Lead Yoga Instructor Amelia identifies your blockages and where your bodies form and structure has been compromised. Throughout the week you will work with your instructor to open the blockages and understand them. As well as develop the techniques you will need to know to maintain the strength and vitality that you feel at the end of the retreat.

The majority of people that attend health retreats are typically there due to stress and anxiety. These issues are known to be easily solved in yogic circles by reducing the production of stress hormones and increasing the body’s ability to cope with stress. More interestingly anxiety is a condition that is produced by fear of the unknown. Living your life in the future is a typical cause of anxiety. Yoga stretches, calms and eventually exhausts the body forcing the mind into the present and thus eliminating the environment that anxiety requires in order to take hold.

2. Diet Suggestion

Almost all health retreats including Good Vibe Getaway retreats suggest diet adjustments to all the guests depending on the condition they suffer from. For example, Cinnamon soaked in water, is recommended for diabetics every morning and Fennel water is recommended to those who are suffering from high blood pressure. A complete elimination of sugar to those who have diabetes and those who suffer from peak and plummet energy levels.

3. Factors that cause stress & how to dissipate stress

Stress is typically caused by the notion that your abilities or resources are not sufficient. If a person is feeling as though they have too much on their shoulders or are unable to meet rent or interest payments. Or perhaps a project that was beyond your typical skill set has been part of this year. Stress can also be brought about by drinking too much coffee, pollutants such as tobacco in the lungs, high levels of carbon monoxide in the environment and even emotional pressure from a spouse or family asking of you that which you do not free wish to give.

During our empowering health retreats, we ask that you abstain from such unhealthy practice, give yourself time to center yourself. We will begin your day with a series of breathing techniques to slow down the heart rate and calm the mind. From here we progress through a series of asanas to open up chakras or energy nodes of the body. At the end of your class we will practice pranayama for a further 10 to 15 minutes. This will increase the oxygen levels in the body and help you to balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Due to this you will feel a level of relaxation that is not possible to achieve during the daily routine of our hectic modern lives. Stress factors are greatly reduced and your ability to deal with stressful situations increases dramatically. You may notice that a sense of calm has come upon you and you now while you care about the outcome you are not bound to it.

4. Rediscover Yourself with Yoga

The process previously described has a way of creating space between your ‘things’ or ‘issues’ that people often identify themselves with. This much needed space detaches you from what you thought was yours and allows your unconscious mind to take control sorting your problems with a mental clarity and power that dwarfs your conscious efforts. During this process you begin to rediscover yourself. We have had many occasions where this overcoming of many small issues that once seemed enormous causes our attendees to break down and cry. Like a great release and opening of the flood gates the real you who is strong abundant, and immovable resurfaces. The part of you capable of taking on all that is and more that never will be shines through and you realize that life is a game for everyone, and love is the prize. Self-Love first, and then radiant love of others and all things second.

Find your strengths and weaknesses on the mat and watch your true self come charging to your aid!

Is it Your time to Retreat?

It is our hope that after reading this blog you can decide for yourself whether or not a health retreat is for you. Is it time that you put down your cigarette, left your alcohol problem, forgot your drug addiction, set aside your negative self-talk?

If you truly want to make progress this year. If you want to start a new lifestyle filled of healthful and not detrimental practices. If you think your body is on the verge of developing a critical disease. If you want to learn more about beneficial diets. If you crave self-development and self-discovery. If you want to start losing weight and take a step away from disease and toward health every day, then a Good Vibe Getaway health retreat is for you.

Place your trust in us. Find your Higher-Self & start living a vital life.

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