Words cannot describe what Amelia and Foti have given me. Sharing gorgeous Kalymnos with me, and opening their hearts and arms to welcome me into the Good Vibe Getaways family. The daily yoga, self care workshops, amazing experiences to the most beautiful locations, and time and space to find myself, is a gift I will appreciate forever. I attended with an injury which limited some of what I could do but Amelia always found a way for me to be involved at my own pace. She meets you where you are and leads you further than you imagined.
I had the most amazing time, met gorgeous women who have become very dear friends, and can not remember ever laughing so much or feeling so wonderful.
If you are thinking about attending one of their getaways, I urge you to jump in and do it! You will not regret it. Thank you Amelia and Foti, I love you both! Can’t wait for the next one x 💖

–Glenys Rillie

I cannot recommend Good Vibe Getaways enough. Amelia and Foti are the perfect hosts. Two very precious, kind, knowledgeable people. Loved the yoga twice a day, definitely feeling stronger for it. Visited beautiful beaches, lovely walks through wild herbs, Olive trees and ancient ruins. Met a wonderful group of amazing women I can now call my soul sisters. I learnt and experienced much more than I could ever have expected. I’m on cloud nine and determined to stay there. Thank you Amelia, Foti and Michelle ♥️ I now have beautiful memories that will stay with me forever.

–Tracey Weaver

I just came back from the yoga retreat in Greece and had the best time ever!! I chose this retreat to practice more yoga in amazing settings, practice mindfulness and meeting a like-minded group of women and found so much more!! Amelia is an amazing teacher and an amazing human!! She’s kind, giving, caring and full of life and that certainly rubs off on anyone around her and together with her partner Foti, they have put together the most amazing program of very educational workshops and super fun activities very carefully selected for you to have the best time!! I highly recommend the Good Vibe Getaways retreats, they will leave you full of love, peace and joy for life!! A++++

–Julia Jules

Reconnecting with Amelia is one of the best things I have done. She has been by my side as I started walking the path back to myself. My time as part of the good vibe tribe has opened my eyes to the world and myself. My journey has just begun and I know I can always count on Amelia for advice and motivation. She has made me sweat, cry, laugh, but most importantly grow and I will forever be grateful.

–Holly McCallum

What can I say? The Greece retreat went above and beyond my expectation! The yoga was amazing, had great variety with all of the daily activities, the seminars educational, fun and beneficial and the people are now my soul sisters! Never did I expect to break down the walls and bond so quickly! Amelia and Foti are such great, warm, friendly people to be around and also so knowlegable. I have learnt so much and can’t wait for my next one! I highly recommend!

–Louise Rodrigues

I can’t put into words the full emotion of this weekend, total bliss. The balance of the weekend was perfect – great food, ambiance, yoga. My soul feels more open, I feel more accepting and calm. Thank for being such beautiful souls. I’m now ready to continue with practice, and ready to start my new train of thought of well being. Much love ❤️

–Pooja Sharrma Makkar

Life Changing!! Soul Nourishment!! Holistic Living! Friendship Forming! Good Vibes! WOW I have just gotten back from my second overseas retreat – and I highly recommend Good Vibe Getaways. Milly has a kind warming and uplifting nature. Shes one of a kind and knows just how to guide and awaken the light within you.

The retreats are like a holiday, but with so many added benefits! So many soul enriching activities, day trips, wellness seminars & Yoga is usually twice a day, but you do as much or as little as you like.
I was in a darker unsettled place when I attended my first retreat, and wholeheartedly it truly change my life. Not only is there the ongoing support & knowledge, yoga, wellness & self healing from Amelia after the retreats, she creates a community of women (soul sisters) who you form bonds with and are continually empowering each other. Its truly special.

For me a mind body and soul connection was formed. What can i say the Goddess ceremony will change your life too and you will be left wanting to go again! I left feeling Inspired, Relaxed, Rejuvenated & Supported 🙏 Thank you Good Vibes

–Jacinta Watkinson

Amelia and the Good Vibe Getaway retreats are AMAZING!! I have been to 2 of them and would go to 100 more if I could! They were both truly life changing for me! The first time I went I didn’t really know what to expect. It reopened a passion that I already had deep down for organic, holistic living! It was empowering to learn more about healthy eating/living, the benefits of yoga and to journal my thoughts about ME for the first time so honestly! A really beautiful memory for me was after we climbed up Mt Coolum we sat at the top, meditated, took in our surreal surroundings and journaled our thoughts. I remember feeling the best I have felt in so long, feeling so grateful for Mother Earth and being so proud of who I was entirely for the first time ever!! Honestly after that moment, I didn’t stop feeling that good! The positive energy hasn’t stopped flowing! The second retreat was just as empowering and the energy Amelia gives out is addictive. I’m so grateful for the girl tribe we create on these retreats! The 2 trips were the best things I have done for ME in a long time!! I am now so excited to be following my dreams and learning more about living a holistic, happy, spiritual, healthy life and I have Amelia and her Good Vibe Geteways to thank for that. I would highly recommend these retreats to anyone and everyone I love!!

Shana Mihajloski

I was nervous about going to a retreat as it seemed a lot of the girls knew each other. I found it really hard to open up but never experienced a more accepting group of people. I walked away from this retreat feeling empowered and whole. Its not everyday that women come together and support each other with no judgements and thats what i found so refreshing. Amelia and her team made everyone feel like family

–Charmaine Maree

Wow what an experience. One of the best things I have ever done. From herbal walks, boat trips and yoga to the life long friendships I have made. I have learnt how to live again not just exist. Thank you Amelia and Foti

–Chelle Butler

I’ve been twice to two different locations. These retreats are incredible and force you to pause and put focus back on what is important in life and for yourself. So well organised and everyone is so lovely and welcoming! There’s many different activities but everything is so chilled and you always feel relaxed. The food is amazing. Yoga, nutrition, meditation, walks, countryside, beach, beautiful scenery and lots of meaningful conversations – everything you imagine a retreat to be.

– Rachel Moriarty

An amazing experience! Left feeling inspired and empowered by all the wonderful women that I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with. Lots of joy and laughter and plenty of tears and healing as well. Not only was it relaxing taking the time to enjoy the many benefits of yoga and meditation but I learnt so much about living a healthy holistic lifestyle. And Amelia is definitely a true embodiment of ‘good vibes’!

– Kristen Surgenor

Omg where do I start?? I met Amelia almost a year ago when she had her own gym and I think I loved her energy from the very first phone call. She is lovely and kind and sweet but more than that she’s the yogi I’ve been missing in my life! I went on the first retreat half reluctantly knowing I needed some sort of a break/ a way to a healthier better life both physically and emotionally and boy was I on the right track. I’m going to be honest, going in the first time around was so confronting. I am not a talk about your feelings kind of girl AT ALL, so I found all that sharing and loving and sisterhood very full on. But I promise you by the time the last day came around I didn’t want to leave. So I signed up for a second retreat not even 6 months later. There are so many things about this retreat that are awesome. The yoga, the teaching about more Eco/environmentally friendly lifestyle, the abundance of nutritional knowledge that Caitlin brings, the food the friendships the importance of connecting with nature and it’s healing I seriously could just go on and on. I can honestly say I’m a changed person for the better, I love myself more, I am more honest and gentler now just with myself but with everyone around me and I’m all around happier. Trust me you neeed to go on this retreat!!! I couldn’t be more grateful for the retreats, for Amelia or for the friendships I’ve made. I promise you it’s addictive and your body mind and soul will thank you for it immensely!!!!

– Teodora Jovćevska

I was very anxious going into this experience, not knowing what to expect but hoping that I would walk away knowing myself better and having grown a whole lot! And I was not disappointed.
I carpooled to the retreat with some of the other girls which was an awesome start to meet some of the other girls and we got on very easily.
Arriving at the property was spectacular and I enjoyed bunking with 7 other girls. The place automatically put you in a peaceful state of zen.
One of my favourite parts of the experience was the delicious wholesome food!
There was so much with this experience, yoga practice, quiet moments, learning to listen, development exercises and lots of singing and dancing which was the BEST!
The retreat was very well organised and made you feel so at home and relaxed.
I simply loved every second of this retreat and got much more out of it than I expected. A beautiful experience.

– Mietta Tourell

Words can’t describe the shift in my mind, body and soul since going on a retreat with Amelia. I didn’t think this type of thing was for me but I quickly realized how much I needed it. Spending a week with a group of beautiful, intelligent and inspiring women was an absolute heart and mind opener. Will definitely be going again!

– Ange Hoppe

I can’t put into words the full emotion of this weekend, total bliss. The balance of the weekend was perfect – great food, ambiance, yoga. My soul feels more open, I feel more accepting and calm. Thank for being such beautiful souls. I’m now ready to continue with practice, and ready to start my new train of thought of well being. Much love!

– Pooja Makkar

Gili Tretreat was my first time overseas and it was nothing short of amazing !!!
The yoga was amazing ! The seminars we had were so inspiring ! I feel after just a short week i have grown so much as a person and am so much more motivated for a healthier lifestyle. Amelia went above and beyond to make this trip amazing for all the ladies that came along.

– Courtney Johnson

Amelia is an absolute ray of sunshine and it doesn’t take long to feel amazing in her presence. The way she is able to bring a bunch of women together who don’t know each other, to open up, share and grow together is a gift. I am still feeling the afterglow of spending the week at the latest goodvibe getaway and I would recommend it to anyone who needs that boost in life to get back on track or to refresh, feel empowered and determined to win at life. Love and above xx

– Rosie Surgenor

Highly recommend doing a retreat with Amelia and Good Vibes Getaway. If you want a life changing experience, time to start finding you, new friends, heart felt peace and so much more than Amelia is the key.
Thank you Amelia for such a life changing experience. Loved every minute and part of the retreat. I have come home a different person with a totally different mind set and actually know now I am enough.

Tina Hofstee

As a collaborator of the Good Vibe Getaways, I am constantly astonished and blown away by the value and content that is provided BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Good Vibe Getaways. Amelia and her team go above and beyond to do all they can to accommodate and educate their customers with the retreat. Having experienced their seminars, private forums and yoga classes I think they are doing an amazing job and am excited to see what is to come for Good Vibe Getaways. Do yourself a favour and book yourself in for a retreat…you are SO worth it

–Irena Gerakios

i am out of words to say what changes Amelia has brought in me through this retreat, a complete life changing experience., soul nourishment n self awareness. i find a lot of positive change in me and clarity in my thinking., a great feeling i would say. Cant wait to have another one with you Amelia n Foti. highly recommend — with Susan Bell and Ange Hoppe.

–Parnita Singh

Gili T retreat was my first time overseas and it was nothing short of amazing !!!
The yoga was amazing ! The seminars we had were so inspiring ! I feel after just a short week i have grown so much as a person and am so much more motivated for a healthier lifestyle. Amelia and Foti went above and beyond to make this trip amazing for all the ladies that came along.

–Courtney Hilderbrandt

A life changing time, I would recommend it to anyone! You will come home feeling full of self love and new best friends forever!

–Sarah Garrett

This was an amazing experience. Amelia is such an inspiration. I have made lifetime friends with a bond which cannot be broken � I can highly recommend this yoga retreat.

–Rhonda-Joy Saville

Amelia has completely helped me change my life for the better and it started with her retreats. Anyone looking for a change in direction, a different path, this is the way to begin! Her help will change your life! 100% the only person that’s been able to make such a dramatic impact for me! Love you Mil

–Lauren Stowe

So lost for words on writing about something so special to my hurt and SOUL ✨ I met Amelia at a previous retreat in Byron, never have a crossed paths with someone so real and pure!!! These girls are so special and have so much endless love and happiness to share! I highly recommend going in or experiencing anything to do with this page and the amount of love and time put in is something you will never experience somewhere else, I can’t wait to share more life time experiences and connections in 2018 with the girls, so much LOVE

–Kia Packer

The Gili Island Retreat I attended this year was the most unreal, earthing, self realising experience I have had in my life! I met the most amazing women who have become incredible friends, I learnt so much about myself and my life that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Learning more about yoga, self care and health mixed with beach days was the perfect recipe for an unforgettable retreat.
The retreat has changed my life and I am so excited to continue my journey with the beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of meeting through Good Vibe Getaways and embracing my new view of life.

–Shannen Power

The retreat was well organised by amazing people. The yoga & meditation sessions were � and the food was delish! My sister & I had the best time!

–Ngoc Van-Otto

I loved being able to connect with other women, learn new ways to be more mindful of carbon footprint.
Learning to LOVE myself find ways to be more grateful for the things i already have.

–Rebecca Kay

Had a call to let me know about the unisex yoga trip for me and my sister gurl very great customer service amazing

–Costalotta Dolla May Frederick

I just knew that this was going to be the best decision that I have made so far this year to make my pilgrimage trip to Bali with Milly and all of the other beauty’s that attended the 1st – 8th April 2018. This trip has been life-changing and I have once again found my JOY which has been missing in my life for too long to think about, but that’s ok because you can only get there when you get there. So let’s say that I finally got there, YAY. slightsmile emoticon Not saying that life’s challenges are not going to happen anymore because that would not be real life thinking but I know in my heart that everything in my life that has been my biggest challenges have also brought me to my biggest learning and growing into even more character building and life revelations. So for this I am thankful. As I am thankful for all the amazing people that I meet in my life, each one adds more value and learning, making me a better person. I would recommend Good Vibe Getaways to anyone, surrounding yourself with like minded people is a step in the right direction. We are all different but we are all the same, we all want that same love and acceptance of who we are and the beginnings of self love and acceptance is the very first step to unlocking those treasures and life stories that need to be shared with the world. We are here to help each other do just that because we are not meant to do life on our own, it is within our community that we can fully understand ourselves and grow into the person that is deep within us. It is a lifelong journey and I am excited about my life and about my future and what is about to unfold.
Thank you to each and everyone that attended this Yoga retreat, you have all added great value to my life and I appreciate each one of you. xxx.
Thank you Milly for your dedication and love and your passion for people. Love you all, Maryanne xxxxx

– Maryanne Dover

I don’t even know where to begin.
I have been lucky enough to know Amelia for most of my life and I am forever grateful for the friendship we share.
My journey to Good Vibe Getaways wasn’t an easy one, the past year my mind and body were really put to the test and I felt I was loosing myself along the way. But arriving in Bali and meeting all these beautiful women and hearing all their struggles, really helped me open up and get everything out in the open. I have such an appreciation for what my body went through and what it can do and will do in the years to come. I left all the negativity on the island and I’ve come home clear, grounded and ready to tackle anything that comes my way.
We came together as strangers but after just six days I left will a whole new friendship tribe I know will always be there for me, as I will be for them.
So if you feel lost or just need to find your way back to you then this is the place for you!
Your journey is your own don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not. Trust in journey and you will find your way.

Amelia, you are one in a million and anyone who is lucky enough to know you knows that you are genunion, kind, caring soul and have the biggest heart❤ I LOVE YOU & OUR GOOD VIBE TRIBE

–Amy Dyason

Exciting , experience ,adventure ,love friendship ,knowledge ,women’s circle, empowering

–Michelle Warren

It was an amazing experience, met beautiful woman with no judgement, you learn to not judge yourself and learn to love who you are. I am so happy I went on this journey of self discovery I recommend this to any women it helps you understand how valuable you are as a whole person xo
Thank you to the Amelia and Michelle and all the other ladies that I had the great honour to meet. Palm Beach retreat xoxoxo

Nadine Paul

Unleash the goddess within! I’m forever grateful for my experience with good vibes. Good friends, good health, good times…why wouldn’t you! Definitely the right kind of yoga and wellness retreat for me.

–Jennifer Bacon

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