01 May

The Three Best Wellness Retreats for 2020 by admin

There isn’t anything more desirable in life than to embark on a retreat. Retreats let you unwind, put behind the stress and strains of daily chores and most importantly know the person inside you. At Good Vibe Getaways we help our clients find the best wellness retreats across the world. From sacred escapades for women to spiritual escapades for families, we bring to you plenty of options for your most memorable experiences in life. Here are the three best wellness retreats for 2020 that you shouldn’t miss out.

1. Egypt Adventure Yoga Trip

Talk of a mesmerizing retreat and one to Egypt would surely top your bucket list. This ancient land has attracted people from across the world thanks to its history and those magnificent Pyramids. This 8-day hand-crafted adventure tour though Egypt will help you unwind your mind and body. Apart from exploring the Pyramids the retreat also includes practising Yoga in front of the Sphinx. You will experience the breath-taking beauty of sunset by the Pyramids and explore the majestic White Desert. Not to forget you will also be riding camels while exploring Karnak, the greatest temple complex in the world dating back 2000 BC.

2. Austrian Alps Yoga, Hot Springs

The Austrian alpine forests have mesmerized travellers through times immemorial. It has been a favourite getaway for the Europeans for centuries charmed by the breath-taking beauty of the rolling hills and the hot springs. This 7-day Yoga and Hot Springs getaway is among the best corporate wellness retreats for 2020. In the lap of Mother Nature, there are activities in plenty. This retreat at the famed Hohe Tauern National Park involves meditations and yoga sessions with the towering mountains and waterfalls in the background. Ride your e-bikes through the Gastein Valley, a sacred valley that has over centuries attracted noblemen, monarchs and backpackers.

3. Grecian Goddess Yoga, Herbal Hiking Retreat

If you are looking for the best yoga retreats in 2020, we bet you can’t find one better than the9 Day Grecian Goddess Yoga, Herbal Hiking Retreat. Reenergize your soul and refresh your body and mind as you practice yoga on the coast of Greece with the mountain cliffs soaring behind you. The retreat takes you toKalymnoswhere you find the temple ruins dedicated to Sun God Apollo. The place emits positive energies and vibrations which has attracted people for thousands of years. There are lots of activities lined up for you during this retreat including guided chakra cleansing meditation, hiking through the mountains to gather herbs and dancing under the starry skies. Talk of the cost and this is among the best budget wellness retreats you’d ever find.

These are the best wellness retreats for 2020 and waiting to welcome you and revitalise your life. At Good Vibe Getaways our aim is to bring you the best retreats from around the world at the best prices. Book your retreat today and you will immediately start exhaling fresh breath and detox your body, mind and soul.


In this write-up, we look at the three best wellness retreats for 2020 where you can practice yoga and meditation surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of Mother Nature.