22 Aug

What to pack for a yoga retreat by admin

Now the question on everyone’s lips….what do I pack?

This is a friendly reminder – we are living one week of ISLAND LIFE! Not New york fashion week!

hehe So, with that in mind, PLEASE don’t feel obliged/ resist the temptation to buy new clothes etc! or alter your beautiful self in any way! Come as you are that’s exactly how I want you!!

Here’s what I usually throw in for a week in Greece! Keeping in mind you can have your clothes washed daily in reception compliments of the Carian hotel.

Note when packing – ROLL YOUR CLOTHES in your bag! rolled up like little sausages you can fit more into less space! I promise the less you bring the better your going to feel! Light and Liberated!!

Your bag can include:

  • 2-3 sets of PJ’s – im a comfortable nighty girl!
  • 2-3 pairs of togs
  • 2~4 sets of yoga clothes/exercise gear
  • 3-5 casual outfits – shorts/singlet
  • 2 comfy throw over beach dresses/ Sarong
  • 1 x Goddess dress- something you feel beautiful and comfortable in!
  • 1x joggers , 1-2 x casual footwear/thongs
  • 1 x hat
  • 1-2 x semi warm jumper/pants for the plane (or for chilly nights stargazing on the beach)
  • 1 x Pen and Journal for seminars.
  • I will have your workshop booklets on arrival!
  • 1 x book to read on the beach!
  • 1x beach bag or small back pack

Minimal toiletries – there are also many shops on our street to purchase shampoo/conditioner/sunscreen etc!

Minimal make up

I Encourage you to Embrace your natural glow! Nobody’s perfect and that’s what makes us real,unique and you are all beautiful! I will pack a lippy for the goddess ceremony but other than that please join me on unmasking and letting our skin breathe! This week is about focusing on re connecting WITHIN, with Mother Nature and with each other.

  • Yoga mats are provided!
  • Any questions please ask!
  • Oceans of Love
  • Amelia Vazanelli